Introducing Afzan Mentor

For as long as I have known, I enjoy sharing knowledge with people.

Be it on my hobbies (cooking, baking, travelling), or my recent read books or movies. When I was doing my degree in Japan, I had blogs to share my experiences with family and friends. I wrote about that new pie restaurant I went to with Kayo-san that had that lovely blueberry pie, and about my fun trip climbing Mount Fuji with my besties, and even about how my university looked during the peak white winter season.

Those were fun days.

Fast forward a decade later, I am in the manufacturing industry, managing a team of engineers and technicians. Throughout my career, I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs, read books about management and related, and met with some great people along the way.

I’ve learned a lot of things that developed my career, and I enjoy sharing that with others.

In any industry you are in (manufacturing, education, medical, agriculture, marketing, business), you will need some universal skills that will make you more productive than others, or make you appear more impressive than others, ultimately bringing a higher success rate compared to the average performers.

I am here to share what I know with you, and I hope with this small effort, I can contribute to society, as much as the people around me have contributed to what I am now.

In the meantime, do leave a comment on what you feel about my topics, and share what you know as well. I would love to gain more knowledge from others, too!



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