Unlock the truth about taking charge of your success

The effectiveness guru Stephen Covey, talked about the 90/10 rule.

In all the things that happen to us in life, only 10% happens without us being able to control it.

The rest, the remaining 90%, happens by our reactions to that 10%.

The famous example given is, one morning you woke up late.

You are rushing, your kid spilled coffee to your shirt and you scold her, you scold your spouse for being careless, you rush upstairs to change and you speed off to work, getting a speeding ticket. The day gets worse and worse, and by the time you got home, there’s a gap between you and your family after your morning drama.

And you wonder what made it such a bad day.

Waking up late happens. You can’t control that.

But you can control what happens next. How you deal with the situations next will decide the results of the day.

When you understand 90/10 rule, it’s obvious that 90% of what happens to us in life, is basically the results of what we decided to do in the past, as a reaction to a certain situation.

Keep this in mind when you face a situation that you couldn’t control.

Take a deep breath and think about how you can deal with it in a better, more beneficial way.

If you want to unlock more secrets to your success, drop me a line by Whatsapp or call me (017-420 2960). Let’s talk about how you can take charge of your success.



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