Change the language you use and immediately see the positive effect to your success!

The next time you are talking with someone, whether it is for work, or just some chit chatting, listen to the words you are using. Or the words he is using.

Do you know that the language, the words we use reflect how we think, how we act and ultimately our success prospects?

Notice some people who often limit themselves to their weakness, their current low circumstances, use a lot of negative words. Words like “problem, difficult, cannot lah“. This is because they’ve made up somewhere in their mind that they can’t do it, that they can’t succeed, that they can’t be more than what they are now.

Compare with people who are at the high points of their lives, they are happy, they are optimistic. These people tend to use positive words “challenge, opportunity, let’s give it a try”.

When you use negative words, you mind will immediately link with related words, and influence how you behave. “Difficult” will finally link with “failure”, so your mind limits your efforts so you don’t feel so bad when you fail.

Now how about if you use positive language?

“Challenge” may link with “persistence”, so your mind tells you to be stronger, learn more skills in order to go through this challenge.

Which will bring you higher success chance?

Change the language you use, and start seeing the effect to your behaviours, and your success!

Contact Afzan Mentor for more details.




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