4 secrets to consider to get in sync with The Boss and be in the spotlight

There are many reasons employees quit their jobs, but none more than due to disappointment with The Boss. If an employee is not satisfied with the pay, or the job scope, there’s higher chances that he would find a way to solve it or get by, than if he is not in good terms with The Boss – he’ll find a way to move out, even if the pay is good, or the job scope satisfies him.

Unless you’re the company’s founder, or the management, you’re bound to be working for someone – The Boss. Understanding him is crucial for both parties to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal, if not to at least make your 9 hours spent at work less painstaking. To accomplish this, one must find a way to click with his Boss, to find that certain chemistry.

Today, let’s take a look at what you should ponder over in order to create that rapport with The Boss.

1. What The Boss does daily

First, typical Bosses do planning and making decisions in a day to day basis. This is done by communicating and dealing with information, and with people – his staff, and people from other departments.

A lot of staffs seem to not know this, and tend to think The Boss mainly spends his 9 hours at work monitoring each employees’ work. While some following up on your work is required to check on your individual progress, most of The Boss’s time is spent with making decisions and planning – actions such as overviewing the team’s activities and liaising with other departments to make certain decisions at a higher level. So, no, he is not there just to pick on you and make your life a living hell.

2. Department KPI

Second, one must remember the department’s KPI (key performance indicator) – that target your department is supposed to achieve in order for the company to be successful. If you’re in the Marketing department, perhaps your department’s KPI is having 1000 clicks to the company website daily, or if you’re in Engineering, perhaps your department’s KPI is to develop a new smartphone model by 4mm thick with battery lasting for 8 hours. Your department’s KPI, is what your Boss is required to answer to his Boss daily. It’s what’s supposed to linger in his mind always – thus in your mind, always, too.

Remembering the department KPI will ensure your actions tally with what is important to him. Sometimes, employees care about issues in the company that do not align with the department’s KPI too much, so much that it bores The Boss. Take active actions towards achieving the department’s KPI, and you will shine in The Boss’s eyes.

3. What motivates The Boss?

The third thing you should give thought to is, to find out what motivates him. In his talks and actions, what seems to be driving him? If he is the type who likes to plan, it means, the future is important for him, so talk about the future with him. If he is the type who likes to interact, he cares about people, so show your passion for people’s welfare too.

4. Skills The Boss has – and does not

Last but not least, what skills does The Boss have? If he is excellent in time management and organizing, he might expect his subordinates to be so, too. If he has fluid communicating skills, able to persuade people smoothly, he will be drawn to staffs that show similar skills. Do some observation and learn to acquire those skills. This will create an alikeness between you and The Boss.

On the same note, what skills does The Boss don’t have? Is he bad at data compiling? If you have that strength, you can be his supporter for that particular weakness he has. Be his advisor, his right hand man, and he will remember you always.

Getting along with The Boss requires you to take some quiet time to think about these 4 factors, and how you can match with him. The time spent to sit back and strategize your working style to fit The Boss, is definitely an investment you should not miss.

In future, I’ll share about some typical leadership styles, and how to get along with such Bosses.


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