Resolve conflict before it escalates to disaster

Photo credits to Behance and The Danish Center for Conflict Resolution

Along the way, I have seen and witnessed several cases of severe conflicts that escalated into failures in functionalities and organizations.

Things could get ugly.

The main cause of conflict is disagreement.

A person receives information (be it visually, verbally etc) by lenses of

  • education background
  • culture
  • family upbringing
  • life experience

Through these lenses, the mind processes information and alters the message differently.

If I were brought up in a poor, underprivileged background, I would feel uncomfortable throwing that grand birthday party for my son at Hilton, but my spouse from a wealthy upbringing might feel it is the most natural thing to do.

This is how conflict arises.

In order to succeed in your career, and in life, one needs to comprehend

  • the roots of conflict
  • how to prevent conflict
  • how to detect a rising conflict
  • how to manage existing conflict

Through Afzan Mentor, let’s go through some of your ugly encounters with conflict and reflect on what we can learn, and how we could do better in future.

Contact Afzan Mentor now for a one-to-one session of conflict management.


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